The following scholarships are offered to Dover Area High School Students through Greater Dover Area Dollar for Scholars, Inc.  All applications must be submitted in electronic form via the link on the students/parents tab on the website.  Paper applications will not be accepted or reviewed.  Some scholarships may have further criteria which will be listed on the website.  The due date for all applications is April 3, 2018.

Adams Electric Cooperative Scholarship ($1000, 1 available) - Awarded to students who live in the Adams Electric Cooperative service, maintain a 2.5 grade point average and show a commitment to community service.

Alumni Football Scholarship ($1000, 1 available) - Made possible because of the alumni football game in October, 2016.  Those that have played at least 2 years of Dover varsity football while maintaining a 3.0 GPA are eligible.  Applicants must receive a letter or recommendation from a coach or other community member that addresses their character, integrity, and sportsmanship as a player.

PeoplesBank Educational Scholarship ($1000, 1 available) - This scholarship is given to an individual who displays excellent academic integrity and positive community involvement.

Buchart Horn  Engineering and Architecture Scholarship by Brian and Peg Funkhouser ($1000, 1 available) - This scholarship is given to individuals seeking a career in the engineering and architecture fields. And, if someone does not meet the engineering/ architecture criteria, we would consider those pursuing a career in teaching or nursing.

Anna, Bennett and John Pearson Scholarship ($1500, 1 available) - The Pearson Scholarship was created in 1998 by a major gift to the York County Community Foundation from the Estate of John Pearson. It recognizes students with demonstrated academic achievement and exceptional qualities of character and leadership.

Dorothy Moore-Stauffer Scholarship ($1500, 1 available) - This scholarship fund was established by Dorothy Moore-Stauffer through her will and is designated to provide scholarships for "financially needful" students to pursue post-secondary education at accredited colleges, universities, vocational or trade schools.

Doris Schwartz Scholarship ($4000, 1 available) - The Doris Schwartz E. Scholarship program was created in 2013 by a major gift to the Community Foundation from the estate of Doris Schwartz and the direction of her executors.  Ms. Schwartz was a retired stewardess and world traveler.

Greater Dover Area Dollars for Scholars Scholarship ($1000, 4 available) - This scholarship is given to individuals who display excellent academic integrity and positive community involvement.

The Dave Unger Scholarship ($1000, 1 available) - Established to honor the memory of district elementary teacher Dave Unger.  He valued education and his love of children was evident in his teaching.  This scholarship is for the student pursuing a career in Elementary Education. 

The Denise Russell Scholarship ($1000, 1 available) - Applicants in Business Education are eligible. Established to honor Denise Russell, district business manager, who "always went out of her way to help others". Denise succumbed to cancer.

The Jeremy Naylor Scholarship for Senior Swimmer ($250, 2 available - 1 male, 1 female) - Established in memory of Jeremy Naylor, a four year letter winner on the varsity swimming team, tragically passed away in June of 2008. The recipients must be a senior male or female who has lettered in swimming for a minimum of two years, has a cumulative GPA of 80% or higher, and completed an essay on how swimming or diving has influenced his or her life. DEADLINE MARCH 5, 2018

The Marsha Mummert Scholarship ($500, 1 available) - Established to honor Marsha Mummert, a Dover graduate and district employee who showed great dedication to learning support students she assisted. Marsha succumbed to cancer. Applicants should be in the learning support program.

The William O'Donnell Scholarship ($1000, 1 available) - Established to honor William O'Donnell at the time of his retirement for his longtime service to the students of Dover Area School District. This scholarship is awarded to the senior class valedictorian.

We Believe in You Scholarship ($1000/year for 4 years, 4 available) - Established to recognize an anonymous gift by former married Dover teachers who strongly believed in education and were known for the saying, "We believe in you," while addressing their students.  Applicants must answer a separate essay question addressing the following, "How will your community benefit from our four-year investment in you?", maintain a cumulative 3.0 GPA while attending a two or four year college, university, or trade school full time.  Applicants who demonstrate a financial need will be given precedence.

­­­­­­­­­­York County Community Foundation Competitive Scholarships

The following scholarships are offered to all applicants who apply for scholarships to scholarship organizations in York County which includes Greater Dover Area Dollars for Scholars, Inc.  One Dover student application for each scholarship is chosen by Greater Dover Area Dollars for Scholars, Inc to be considered by the York County Community Foundation against applicants from across the county.  The following scholarships are listed on the GDADFS website but are not guaranteed to be awarded to Dover students.

Robert R. Anderson Family Fund ($1500) -  The Robert R. Anderson Family Fund was established in 1994 with a legacy from Mr. Anderson's daughter, Dr. Isabel C. Anderson.  The Anderson Fund is committed to improving farm productivity in York County and to preserving and protecting York County's farms and natural lands.  Scholarships from the Anderson Fund are available to students pursuing related studies.

Randy Byrnes Girls Soccer Scholarship ($500) -  To honor Randy Byrnes, family and friends have established this scholarship fund to celebrate Girls Soccer in York.  Scholarships are awarded to deserving young women who have demonstrated exceptional qualities of teamwork, good sportsmanship and personal commitment to achieve their potential both on the soccer field and off the field.

Herbert S. and Louella B. Dallmeyer Scholarship ($1000) - During their lifetimes, the Dallmeyers had an interest in protecting the environment, particularly improving water quality.  Herbert S. and Louella B. Dallmeyer Scholarship Fund was created in 2000 to award a scholarship to students with a shared interest in the environment.  Mr. Dallmeyer, whose family traces its York County roots back to 1862, was formally co-owner of DALLCO Industries.

Marea V Eyster Memorial Scholarship ($750) - Marea Eyster's love of teaching and deep affection for her alma mater inspired the creation of the Marea V. Eyster Memorial Fund by her family.  The Fund provides scholarships for York County students attending Millersville University, pursuing a teaching career.

Bob Potts Memorial Scholarship ($1000) - Family and friends of Bob Potts established this scholarship to honor his memory and his love of running.  Scholarship are awarded to deserving young athletes who share Bob's love and passion for the sport of long distance running.

Florence B. and Clyde W. Stouch Scholarship ($500) - Clyde W. Stouch created the Florence B. and Clyde W. Stouch Foundation Fund to provide scholarships for York County students attending the University of Pennsylvania

Royal A. Cannon Jr. Scholarship Fund ($5000 total, $1250/year for 4 years) - Royal Cannon loved the Merchant Marines and served with them during WWII. He established this scholarship in the hopes that it would help hardworking and determined students, not necessarily those with the best grades, have a chance for higher education. The scholarship will be given to students attending the US Merchant Marine academies, or if none, then to those studying science, technology, engineering or math at any school of their choice.